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2nd July 2014

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Katharine Hepburn in The Lion in Winter (1968)

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1st July 2014

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Maurice (1987).

"Alec, did you dream you had a friend? Someone to last your whole life? "

Brokeback for Brits.

Better than Brokeback (happy ending! For ‘ever and ever’!), and not just for Brits.

I just kinda wanted to say a thing :}

Jeez, The ending of Brokeback Mountain scarred me for life.

iizrett And that’s fine. :) But – gotta say this – I think ‘The ending of Brokeback Mountain scarred me for life’ is connected with why Maurice fans think Maurice is a better film.

The late LGBT activist Vito Russo wrote (and revised) The Celluloid Closet (1981/1986) – his famous book on the history of gay representation in the movies – too early to include Maurice. But, even by 1986, the history he identified was overwhelmingly one of negative representations and tragic endings.

Maurice (1987) is widely considered to be the first mainstream gay film to change all that. Brokeback, by contrast, is emotionally devastating because it’s a throwback to the tropes of gay tragedy that Russo complained of: secrecy, separation, denial, loss. Maurice, released 18 years earlier, does something cleverer. It gives us all the emotional angst, and even cues us to expect tragedy – only to turn that around and give Maurice and Alec a happy ending

The happy ending is something E. M. Forster, writing in 1913-14, insisted on (against all probability, many critics thought) – and the reason why he feit unable to publish Maurice during his lifetime (as m/m sex remained entirely illegal in England until 1967 – 3 years before Forster’s death – and considerably later in Scotland and Northern Ireland). Ivory’s film – a romantic, swoony gay love story that ended happily, released at the height of the AIDS crisis – was almost as groundbreaking in 1987. But, in contrast with Brokeback, Maurice’s achievement is often, perversely, ignored…

cryingneedforthat: ‘Overcome with feels, utterly enraptured … the ur-text of slash…’ OH YES INDEED. There’s a Maurice photoset on this very theme back in the annals of Tumblr…

taylorcee591: Interested to know your comparative thoughts, watching Maurice and Brokeback for the first time back-to-back like that.

I remember watching this with my college girlfriend and when they first kissed we basically FELL into each other’s arms in the dark theatre, overcome with feels, utterly enraptured, it along withBrideshead Revisited was like the ur-text of slash and—

[suddenly unable to continue]

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27th June 2014

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Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2001)

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24th June 2014

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These before-and-after shots demonstrate the incredible power of visual effects on screen.

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26th May 2014

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Simultaneously the worst and best movie ever made

Actually one of my teachers watched every single version of Romeo and Juliet with the original text in front of him to prove that this was the worst version, but to his great dismay its the most accurate film adaptation of it, with the lines closest to the original text and most similar stage direction and relayed emotions.

He proceeded to show it to us in class.

Dude, seriously.  This version is actually very accurate.

My Shakespeare professor in grad school said the same thing.

I think most Shakespeare movies are just so classy and highbrow with their gorgeous period costumes and mandatory snooty elocutionary accents that people forget how goofy this play actually is. The lines, the characters, the motivations, the babyfaced teen stars, I just… oh my god it’s all so real. I’ve heard a lot of people blast Baz Luhrmann for making such a campy adaptation and it’s just like no, you don’t understand, that was all Shakespeare.

Sometimes I wonder if the real reason it’s disliked is because it was so damn popular with teenage girls.

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6th May 2014

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Filmography So Far

He’s seriously a legend

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5th May 2014

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The official trailer for the New Zealand vampire comedy “What We Do in the Shadows, directed by Jemaine Clement & Taika Waititi, about three vampire flatmates coping with the modern world.

"Haha, ghost cup." 




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25th April 2014

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Marvel Cinematic Universe known Working Titles.

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12th April 2014

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Docu-Horror movies from the last few years that are actually good!

I know people hate these movies but I love them, the good ones at least, it’s not really a trend as much as it is a style and for certain things it works a hell of a lot better for certain subjects. Instead of getting irrationally angry at all of them, we should just start promoting the good ones and ignoring the bad ones.

Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes
This is one of several Bigfoot docu-horror films that have been been made in the past few years. This one has the advantage of being the first to have a wide release (WIllow Creek is on the way next). It’s typical in places but watching it unravel to a bizarre, though noticeable if you pay complete attention, conclusion is fascinating. There are also some effective fright scenes that are shockingly well maintained.

A documentary that follows two investigators trying to track down the beginnings of the New York legend of Cropsey, it has some great spooky moments though and it’s fascinating to see what they uncover. Definitely a left-of-field release.

Poughkeepsie Tapes
This one is notorious for not being available via DVD (even now!), it’s been around for years via download sites but it had its first premier on UK television a few months ago. It’s about a ton of tapes a serial killer recorded whilst carrying out his acts. There’s a weird cult-like fascination with the whole thing from those who haven’t seen it yet and it definitely lives up to the weird intrigue. It’s genuinely disturbing in places.

The Conspiracy
A mockumentary involving a group of people making a documentary about conspiracy theories in the modern world, their investigation, naturally,  ends up hitting upon places they really shouldn’t be looking. It’s far more of a thriller than a horror but it’s fantastic nonetheless, one of personal favourites of this year as well.

WNUF Halloween Special
I only just watched this a few days back and it’s incredible, it’s a fabricated Halloween TV special from 1987 about a seance that takes place on live TV (a nod to Ghostwatch) and it looks ridiculously authentic with the 80s TV style aesthetic, enough to make you question whether it’s actually real or not. The filmmakers even went out of their way to make commercials for the damn thing. It’s probably my actual favourite film of this year so far, to be honest.

This is a strange one, it’s about a group of people who are making a documentary about one of their friend’s camping for the first time, for a project for class and they end up being attacked by strange creatures. But, that’s only a part of it, at some point there’s a complete shift and it’s utterly insane.

The Tunnel
An Australian pseudo-documentary about the network of abandoned underground railway tunnels which were going to be used to extract water from, to help with the water shortage Sydney was going through at the time. However, the Government without warning abandoned the plan and didn’t tell anybody why, so a group of filmmakers set out to find out the reason, which they end up finding out and they wish they hadn’t. It’s really well put together with the mixture of found footage and documentary. It’s also notable for being spread virally via torrents at the request of the filmmakers.

A modern docu-horror about aliens, finally! It focuses on a couple who go to stay at a rural ranch in Texas that is owned by one of their family members. They start experiencing weird things and start to unravel secrets said family member has been hiding through the years. First released this year and it’s really really eerie in places. A hell of a lot better than the more recent alien docu-horror Skinwalker Ranch.

Long Pigs
Not exactly well known, I wouldn’t have heard about it if it wasn’t for becoming friendly with the director. It’s about two young film-makers who are desperate for a subject to document, they end up stumbling upon Anthony McAllistar a cannibal serial killer who lets them document his lifestyle. It’s worth watching for Alviano’s performance as McAllistar and the incredible practical effects. It’s in the same ball-park subject-wise as Man Bites Dog.

The Bay
Told via a series of interviews, news reports and footage taken from the area, it tells a story about a town that has become plagued by mutant parasites which starts to kill the population. The eco-friendly message is a little too on-the-nose but the performances are effective and Barry Levinson’s (Good Morning Vietnam, Rain Man) direction keeps the pace going for the entire film, it’s also his best film in countless years.

Ah yes.  Good.

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12th April 2014

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Some french/european animated feature films projects presented these days at professional Cartoon Movie festival.

- “Mister Sirocco” by Benoit Chieux (Folimage)

- “Dofus, the return of Julith”, by Jean-Jacques Denis & Anthony Roux (Ankama)

- “Zombillenium”, by Arthur de Pins (based on his comic-book)

- “Yellowbird” (aka Gus), by Dominique Monfery & Christian De Vita (Teamto)

- “I Lost My Body”, de Jeremy Clapin (Skhizein, Palmipedarium)

- “The Song of the sea”, by Tomm Moore (The Secret of Kells)

- “Funan, the New People”, by Denis Do

So excited to see many of these!

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